We keep chickens who are free to range around the meadows, but are definitely not allowed in the garden !




We have a variety of chickens: - Buff Sussex, White Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Bluebells, Speckled, Black Rock, Marans and the more common Warrens - as well as Cochin bantams (Anton and Boris, our two senior bantam cockerels, who keep them all in order).














It is always special when a chick hatches, here two of the broody hens are trying to claim the chick as theirs.



We were adopted by two geese some time ago, but recently we have taken on two more who were looking for a new home.

We have given the geese names, from left to right : Ginger (after Ginger Rogers) , Fred (after Fred Astaire), Doris (after Doris Day) and Cyd (after Cyd Cherisse).

The two new ones (Fred and Ginger) are Sebastopol Geese, a breed developed because of their curly feathers for pillows and quilts, Ginger is particularly fluffy and curly.

They go down to our neighbour's reservoir each evening after supper !