.... the tour you gave ... was like being shown a garden by a friend.

.... a perfect cottage garden and the plants in it are wonderful.


S.B. and W.N.


.. so pleased we had a tour , as it made us realise everything that you are doing...




What visitors say about our garden :

..  a little bit of paradise.


... the highlight of my holiday.


... well worthwhile booking the guided tour


...  a gardener’s paradise


...  a must see for every visitor


...  beautiful garden full of interesting plants and expertly shown by passionate gardener


...  best day of our year


.... hidden treasure


.... I cannot get over the incredible variety of plants , with beautiful results


... The group were deeply impressed, so inspiring to see how such a beautiful place can be created completely in harmony with nature.

We had a whole week of pretty near perfect weather for our first trip to Jersey ,

but the afternoon we spent in your garden was the best !


J. And J. T.



This delightful water colour of the greenhouse was sent to us by the artist. We watched with great interest as she started sketching and we are really pleased that she sent to us the finished picture.

All the three of us, enjoyed the stay in your garden very, very much. Both of you have created such a beautiful place in the middle of nature!

K.P, I.M..P. And A.G.